Thursday, March 10, 2011

One Day of Spring ....

Last weekend Sheffield was bathed in sunshine for most of the day. The sky was blue and cloudless and you could almost imagine Spring was really here. So we took our two kiddo for short stroll & have fun at the playground ... so here our best shot during early spring in Firth Park area, let the picture speak for itself... happy viewing:D

* Pic above from my lovely garden:D *

* Our chubby lil' muffin... haha *

* Two kiddo having fun @ playground *

* Snow Bell flowers *

* My favourite flower... *

* Tulip coming soonnnnn... *

* A beautiful honey bee sucking the nectar from tis wild flower *


Lady of Leisure said...

beautiful pics, beautiful flowers, beautiful kids, beautiful family of u..
lookin' at those pics i suddenly remember the proverb, no matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.. have fun dear.. :)

mamma olyn said...

thanks babe.. aii lama menyepi, where are uuuu??? g jenjalan ke:D

Nieza said...

wah bestnyer kat sana tu dah nak spring yer...dh byk dh bunga2 tu...kat sini snow dok bertimbun lagi ni. pagi tadi snowing lagi lebat lak tu...sabar jer lah.

mamma olyn said...

lor yeke, yg kmi ni dok tunggu la snow turun ms winter, tp ble kira berapa kali snow turun..huhu, paling lebat skali ja, lps 1minggu br cair..hehe, xpe nnti spring kat sna mesti lg segar bugar bunga2 di tmn tu:D