Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Mr Hubby!!

Happy Birthday to my dear Hubby, ur the world's greatest husband... I'm so lucky to have a hubby whom i love wit all my heart, a lot of things have changed through the years.. but there's something that'll always be da same, It's the special bond we share that keeps us close, no matter where we are! Lots of love from 3 of us:)
So, menu special arini , atas permintaan hubby take away Western Food (Country Feast Pizza + Lamb Doner wit Chip + Southern Fried Chicken + Double Cheese Burger) & special RED VELVET TIRAMISU! Kek ni pun atas permintaan Hubby gak, dia nak kek Tiramisu, tp ni special edition khas utk bday dia..hehehe so, relax mamanye arini, wat kek aje, yg len 'click' order! (Resepi next entry k:D)

* Double Cheese Burger wit Chip, sedap cam McD k:) *

* Southern Fried Chicken.. sedap cam KFC k:D *

* Lamb Doner wit Chip.. fav kami satu family! *

* Country Feast Pizza wit lamb kebab additional topping.. hehe *

* Special edition Red Velvet Tiramisu for my beloved hubby *

Dan inilah org yg paling banyak makan sampaikan trus tido sampe esok pagi... hahhahaaa


Lady of Leisure said...

happy birthday to your husband.. wish him all the happiness in the world.. :)

Nieza said...

Happy birthday buat suami mama..semoga dirahmati Allah selalu..wah bestnya mkn besar tu..mcm2 menu ada yer...kek tu yg best tu..terliur dh tgk..:)

Mamma Olyn ♥ said...

Thanks Lady & K.nieza... Aminnn semoga dimakbulkan doa:)..hehe, tuela kna sambung mkn utk lunch arini.. haha,