Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!

Happy Birthday to me..happy birthday to me..hehe, lilin xda nak letak atas kek, lagi senang, potong kek trus ngappp! Haha...Thanks to all the wishes..walla rasa popular pun ada, thanks again to all my friends & family. So, wat else could i ask, life is very short so enjoy every moment.. i'm grateful for wat i have today, a loving husband, blessed wit two beautiful child..i love my life & hopefully happiness will always be with me throughout the year:). Birthday present??..oopss SURPRISE! coming soon..hehe. And for me, myself & I, tis is my 1st time i rewarded myself, make my own BIRTHDAY CAKE! hahaha..i like it even exhausted..its the biggest cake i ever made..its 2 layer cake, love shape its Mocha cake wit Irish Buttercream Icing & round shape is Choco Moist cake wit Dark Chocolate Ganache..Superb yummyyy! Mmm im very proud of myself:)


Rafidah Bakri said...

mamma olyn~~
happy birthday
wish u all the best :)

Lady of Leisure said...

happy birthday dear.. (actually dah wish earlier in your prev entry last night rasanya).. hehe.. may this special day brings u many happy returns! hehe.. wah im so impressed with your birthday cake! keep it up, keep it up!

26th birthday, still young hehe..i'll turn 27 next month hehe, takpe takpe, we are not getting older but we're getting better.. :-)

~ Mamma Olyn ~ said...

Tq 4 ur wish Rafidah:) tgk td, xperasan semlm buka sat2 ja, sibok wat kek..haha, btw thanks a lot dear, yeah ur rite, not too old lol, maintain g..ahaks..bout da cake,hrrmm bole la, 1st time deko2 icing ni, comot la tp bebaloi, yg penting kek sedap:)

Ribbon Clown said...

Happy birthday mamma Olyn!!! :D

~ Mamma Olyn ~ said...

Thank u Ribbon Clown:))